Dear Ava,
It’s 5:30 in the morning and here I am writing you a letter. No surprise we are both awake and you are fluttering about, kicking and punching at my waistline. I imagine this small beauty I have always dreamt of. In each dream I have given you another name, but I always loved you the same. When I feel you moving I giggle each time because I know you’re there. I talk to you sometimes when we are alone because I know you’re listening. Baby girl the world is full of so much wonder but yet so much pain. Fear not though, love, there is an angel in a place called Heaven watching over you. He will smile this brace face smile that lights a million faces each time he sees you. He will walk this funny slender walk on his toes with so much excited in his eyes. Believe him when he tells you his name is Tank. He has a million amazing stories to tell and listen when he shares them. He may seem young but age does not define wisdom. He will tell you to love with no limits because limits only get so far. Take his advice and don’t fear. He loves you unconditionally without effort. He will be your friend and your guidance when I cannot. So fear not my love..