Love, it works in funny ways.
I fell in love thousands of miles away.
Wanting you to hold me and keep me safe
But I could never caress your young face
The distance between us a deadly sin
I’m fighting to hold on while you’re giving in
Regretful words you’d always say
Doing the most to keep and push me away
Tears I cried all those lonely nights
Blunts you smoked to reassure you’d be alright
My heart you had broken accidentally
Trying to give me a chance to be set free
I fought back telling you I wouldn’t leave
Cried and choke when you didn’t believe
I’d ride by your side always and forever
Cause even with distance we’d always be together
Love works in it’s funny ways
Because here it is years later and nothing’s change
My heart still beats for your ears to hear
Your heart still mumbles through your tears
You never meant to hurt me and I’ll always know
That the distance between us never meant you let go
Hold me right when you come home
I’ll be waiting at my window like I always had sworn
Bring your music and we lay still and vibe
Smoking and ashing blunts in this moment of time
We can talk about our exes and deep relations
But I know down in we’re both tired of waiting
We know why our relations with others never last
Cause even with time moving forward we’re still in the past
We get drunk and high talking about the things we miss
Damn I hate when we both start to reminisce
The tears well heavily starting to burn my eyes
That’s when you regret another moment you’ve made me cry
I want to hear the words just say them please
But you do what’s best for both of us and you just leave
Love always worked in it’s funny ways
We are still in love 5 years later & thousands of miles away..